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Occasional Handbags

Any weather or occasion is a valid reason to purchase a brand-new handbag or purse. The obsession with handbags hasn’t subsided because they have actually been invented. Bags are now a standing symbol; individuals automatically look for the logo on a handbag rather of at the bag itself just to see exactly what name is currently being flaunted around.


Today, the fashion world is overflowing with luxurious designer handbag brands. Each year there are more and more fresh-faced designers entering the market of handbags and claiming to have the highest quality and highest superiority.


While we continue to see this rush of new designers, we do see that there is a small group of aged fashion houses that have remained throughout the years. These are the labels that carry the coveted burden of swaying handbag fashion.


Occasional HandbagsThe irony of this situation is that these designer houses did not establish with the intention of making handbags, but they now have arguably the largest influence on the designer purse market. So how did these houses come into their position of power? Let’s explore.